First Option’s top priority is to establish a strong, honest, and professional relationship with you – the client. By doing so, First

Option is better able to satisfy your technology needs the way you want and need.

Who you trust with your data and equipment is an important consideration and at First Option, honesty is top. That ensures that

nothing is done to your data or equipment that any technician wouldn’t do to their own.


First Option offers a variety of technology services including virus removal, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and custom builds for

laptop and desktop PCs and the data they contain.

First Option also designs, installs, troubleshoots, and repairs small Local Area Networks (LANs). Our goal is to get your equipment

back up and running with as little impact to your life as is possible.


First Option seeks to bring high-quality, cost-effective and efficient technology service to its customers by coming to your location

on your terms.

You wouldn’t disconnect your appliances and haul them to a repairman, so why should you do that with your expensive

technology. First Option will come to you at no extra charge. In fact, we have no “store front”, so you will never be required to go

anywhere for service or sales!


We provide full computer repair, laptop repair and tablet repair services in the Totton area and surrounding suburbs. We do not have a store front and provide service to our clients at their location itself. If required, we can pick up the device from your location, fix it and drop it off to your location as well. Check all our services and prices in details on the website and call us or send a message for any questions you might have.


First Option comes to your location on your time, just like any other repairman. No need to disconnect anything! If we can’t fix it,

you pay us nothing! We have bundle packages where two or more services in one appointment are provided at a discounted rate

with 10% off.

We provide free diagnosis if our solution is accepted and all our services also include pickup, drop-off, disconnect and reconnect

services. We provide local delivery, tutorials, installation of up to 5 software programs and a Quick Tune-Up after 6-months on all

our custom PCs.